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Dermal fillers such as Juvedermīƒ’ are used at Wynyard Dental as an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles. They can help fill hollows and smooth the contours of your face. Anti-Ageing fillers are the non-surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and provide volume for tired lines and wrinkles.
As you skin ages it loses the collagen that helps shape and support it. Natural lines and wrinkles deepen. Sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all age your appearance.
Facial fillers can plump up your skin and lips, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the lost collagen due to natural ageing or skin damage.
Filler is injected in small controlled doses just under the surface of the area to be treated. This fills out the sunken areas and lines to five a smoother, firmer and more refreshed appearance with immediate effect. Results can last between 6-24 months.
No recovery time is required and you can return to day to day activities straight away.